Lifetime Powertrain Warranty - FREE


We've got you covered, for life!  FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.  See Details Below for Covered Components.  No Cost.  No Deductible. No Mileage Limit.  Only Requirement is That You Must Have Customary Maintainence Performed At Any Professional Service Facility of Your Choosing and Maintain Records.

(not available on Range Rover, Porsche or vehicles with over 100,000 miles)

As vehicle technology has become more complex, repair costs have increased. A new engine can cost more than $3,000, and a new transmission can cost over $2,500 - not to mention how much it costs to fix or replace seals and gaskets, engine mounts, exhaust manifolds, wheel bearings, drive shafts, and many other components.

CarSaver's Lifetime Warranty* covers these repairs and more on your engine, transmission, and drivetrain for unlimited miles and unlimited time with no deductible.


Lifetime Warranty* standard - at no cost to you
Coverage on engine, transmission, and drive train
Unlimited miles, unlimited time – for as long as you own the vehicle


Frequently Asked Questions

Our National Competitors, Carmax and Carvana do not offer this warranty.  To see all the ways we beat the competition Click Here